12th International Qurban Organization is Completed

We thank all our brothers and sisters around the world who remember us.
We PRESENTED your qurban gifts to your brothers and sisters away with our 100 thousand smiles motto. Since reporting the welcoming of our brothers and sisters as a news article will not be enough to share our joy, we decided to put our affection in our writing.
How can we perform the worship of Qurban with PIETY, how can we distribute the qurban gifts as commanded so that we can meet with the meaning of question mark sign on our t-shirts, representing the Allah’s sake, His approval, in exchange of 100 thousand smiles.
The statement on our organization banner is “Serving the certain for sake of the CREATOR”… How can we express the meaning of 100 thousand smiles, in which language can we do that correctly. PRESENTING Qurbani animals that are sacrificed only for Allah to the chosen brothers and sisters with generosity.
One of the rules of qurban is to distribute the shares. But to whom, how and with which mindset…With the consciousness we have while fasting just like our submission to Allah while praying.
And for this purpose we take to the road as part of the 12th International Qurban Organization for our brothers and sisters that we have not met yet.
We have a journey of PRESENT to be able to share 100 thousand smiles of bright faces with you. We are headed to regard the state of simplicity, serenity and praise at first hand.
We feel a lump in our throats when we witness the phrase of the father who could only earn wages for a day in a week “what I have today is not enough for tomorrow.” Then we see the smiles on their faces and fight back our tears.
We carry the fear of unacceptance. What if they do not accept what we PRESENT. We greet them when we arrive their homes and thank for welcoming us with 100 thousand smiles. We experience such an excitement when we PRESENT the qurbanis that we went to share with under the command of Allah to fulfill our obligations but at the same time, we experience the fear that what if their hands do not reach our presents.
We take our steps with the hope of doing an act only for Allah’s sake and we remind ourselves of this goal with question marks on our white t-shirts. While we are distributing the qurbani meats in Indonesia with its teeming population and parched lands, we feel the weight of those question marks on our shoulders and constantly check our inner selves.
We say “these qurbani meats are a present from your Muslim brothers and sisters from different parts of the world.” The hands accepting your presents and 100 thousand smiles on their faces are the sign of the acceptance in their hearts and their consent. The words of all poets would struggle to give voice to the warmth and sincerity we experience during the occasion.
And we understand that the Qurban worship should be practiced with IHSAN. We gradually comprehend the word’s meaning. It is to practice an act, to worship in the most beautiful way.
It is an opportunity to meet our bright brothers and sisters, to enthuse with their hopes, and it is also like a test that requires crossing a bridge made of their smiles.
Muslims waiting to greet us, in their plain houses, with shy looks and hopes of future, their dreams and prayers made us forget the tire of the long way travelled.
The most valuable thanks, the most beautiful acceptance… We wish it were possible to invite all contributors to PRESENT their Qurban meats, to buy all the tickets and to welcome them at our houses. We wish to share our hopes and dreams and to visit our brothers and sisters waiting for a smile in forgotten lands.
While saying, “This is for you we PRESENT”, we feel the weight of responsibility that mentioned in Baqara 83 “do good to the needy and speak to people good [words] and establish prayer and give zakah.”
All stages in this organization are planned and done with extreme caution; tariff and transportation procedure from departure country to arrival country, the necessary arrangements of arrival and distribution points, determination of people that will be presented with qurbani meats and taking the necessary official permissions. All of these are to rightfully carry the responsibility of 100 thousand smiles.
“And [recall] when We took the covenant from the Children of Israel, [enjoining upon them], “Do not worship except Allah ; and to parents do good and to relatives, orphans, and the needy. And speak to people good [words] and establish prayer and give zakah.” Then you turned away, except a few of you, and you were refusing.” Baqara 83