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The Qurban Organisation Process

Proxies are submitted from all around the world.

All proxies received are then sorted accordingly: Wajib, Nadhr, Aqiqah or Sadaqah.

The Qurbans are assessed severely for their suitability for slaughter and are purchased from Australia.

The slaughtering is completed according to Islamic rules and regulations in the company of the representatives of the MEC Foundation, the Halal Registration Agency and veterinarians, all within modern facilities.

An SMS is sent straight away to the Qurban owners informing them that their Qurban has been slaughtered.

The slaughtered Qurbans are packaged for distribution and are delivered to MEC Foundation’s refrigerated storage rooms located in Indonesia without breaking the chain of cold air.

The distributions of the Qurbans are through an organized process with the use of coupons. The coupons are distributed to the families identified by official organizations.

The Qurbans are delivered to those in real need by the MEC Foundation workers and volunteers.

Rightful owners in forgotten lands receive their gifts from Muslims all over the world, first hand, without any intermediaries.

The details of how many families are aided and which locations they are in are reported to the authorities.

Wakalah’s (Proxies)
Our Qurban Wakalah’s (proxies) are accepted from all around the world through our web site with worldwide payment methods. The Wakalah owners are sent an informative message after the Wakalah’s (proxies) are accepted. After the wajib Qurban slaughtering is completed within the limited period, that is Eid-al Adha, the Wakalah owners are informed via SMS. Our international MEC Foundations Qurban Organisations views those in real need, as those who are ‘rightful owners’. The most important part of the acceptance of the Wakalah is, ‘the distribution of those entrusted to their rightful owners, from the first hand, without any intermediaries”.
The International Qurban Organisations’ Qurban meats are obtained from Australia, where the head office of MEC Foundation is located. The Qurban meats are controlled and assessed for their health, age and other criteria regarding their suitability for slaughter. Australia is a country with vast territories. It is a country in which the breeding of livestock is very developed and there are advancements in terms of establishment too. Within the duration of Eid al Adha, there are plenty of abattoirs and cold storage room resources available for the slaughtering of the Qurban’s. When selecting the Qurbans, the most well-fed and ostentatious animals of class-A are preferred. These animals are the healthiest and are grazed on pastures.
The Selection
of the Qurbans
The Slaughtering
of the Qurbans
The Qurbans are; approved by official organisations, slaughtered according to Islamic rules and regulations inside modern and sanitary abattoirs. The slaughtering is done in the presence of the MEC Foundation and the Halal Registration Agency workers, with the company of a veterinarian. The Foundations’ workers bring Takbir and state the names of the Qurban owners who gave Wakalah (Proxy) one by one. The slaughtering operations are carried out in accordance with the Sunnah by professional Muslim butchers through halal methods.
The meat of the sacrificed Qurbans are packed in packages of approximately 2-3 kilograms, suitable for distribution and are shocked.

They are kept in cold storage at minus 21 degrees throughout the legal rest period.
and Storage
At the end of the resting period, the meats are loaded into containers with cold air (-21 degrees) arrangements. Distribution will occur after the official procedures are completed.
The meats are transported to the country /region by ships while maintaining the cold air chain. Packages are also stored in cold storages during distribution.
Beginning with our application to official authorities, the regions and families in need are determined by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. After the lists are created, these families are given coupons with sequence numbers by our foundation.
of Those in Need
The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs determines and announces to the families the time and place of the distribution in the regions that they will take place in. Families accompanied by local administrators, who come by our Foundation without any other intermediary institution are presented with gifts in return for the vouchers they were given in advance. With our International Qurban Organization, which has been organized since 2006, 2,348,813 kilograms of meat has been delivered through the first hand, without intermediaries, to the rightful owners. Meat has been delivered to 821,379 families in dozens of cities and hundreds of towns and villages in the Java, Sumatra, Lombok and Sumbawa regions of Indonesia.