MEC Lifestyle Project – was founded in 2014 and inspired by the life and personal practices described by the late Mahmud Es’ad Coşan Hocaefendi as the ideal lifestyle in today’s and tomorrow’s world. The goal of the MEC Lifestyle Project is to raise generations that live a morally clean life, shining like stars and emitting love and happiness from their souls, with the intent of removing the vices their soul’s desire, transcending the limits of their self, and therefore maximising the benefit towards their fellow kind.

Mec Life Style Project

MEC Life Style Project is the effort to rescue human from the darkness in both this world and the hereafter and receive only the goodness. For MEC Life Style Project, Creator is the center of life.

A place where the name of the Creator is mentioned and remembered has important functions to meet any needs of society. Based on this thought, MEC Life Style Project is designed to meet the needs of children, women and people of all ages and our activities are planned to ground our relationship with our Creator, Allah.

Prominent Aspects

MEC Life Style facilities have unique properties unlike the classical understanding of houses of prayer. Facilities aim to have multiple functions and social services. The visitors of these facilities do not come only to pray but to learn ways to turn their daily activities into worship.

Facilities are built on 8000-meter square area by paying attention to modern world needs. There is a house of prayer that is built on 300-meter square area, 150 meter-square imam house, modern playgrounds, lecture rooms for both males and females, administrative office, guesthouse and many more sections.

Facilities also pay particular attention to environmental cleanliness and energy conservation. As a facility protecting nature and providing a healthy life, it consists of buildings that produce solar energy and can store up to 35 thousand liters rainwater. Besides the Muslim community living in the city, the interest of non-muslim people to the facilities is also huge.


The Eagleby Kotku Mosque that had been bought 15 years ago under the leadership of respectful Prof. Dr. M. Esad Coşan and converted from a church is renovated with suggestions of dear M. Nureddin Coşan. In order to reach more information regarding MEC Life Style Project that is run by Australia MEC Foundation, you can view the location below.