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Our distribution organization's branch in Indonesia is ongoing. Thank you for your interest and support.


Balanced Nutrition
Program for Pregnant
and Lactating Women

Your Zakat and Fitr
assistance being delivered
first hand to their
rightful beneficiaries.

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MEC Foundation

Non-discriminatory philosophy...

MEC (Mahmud Es’ad Cosan) Foundation is an independent, Australian charitable organisation of international calibre. It was formed to ensure the non-discriminatory philosophy and ideals of love, compassion, helpfulness and legacy of the great intellect, scholar, visionary humanitarian, philosopher, social justice activist and spiritual leader, Professor Dr. Mahmud Es’ad.

Main Precisions

Reaching those in need
Awareness of Worship
Distributed from hand to hand,
with kindness.
Reaching those in need
Awareness of Worship
Distributed from hand to hand,
with kindness.

The slaughtering process is conducted with the control of a veterinarian, in a sterile space, with professional butchers. The meats are stored in refrigerated storage rooms and are distributed in packages.

Awareness of Worship

We distribute the Qurbans to those in real need through the awareness of the worship and the efforts of our volunteers.

Reaching those in need

We see those in real need as those who have rights over Qurbani and identify those in need, specifically in the areas of distribution, with help from local caretakers (community members).

Distributed from hand to hand, with kindness.

The Qurbans are distributed to those in real need through pre-organized coupons distributed to those in real need. We pass on the Qurbans to those in need with respect and by saying “This is a gift from the Muslims of the world!”

Our Projects

MEC Foundation was established following the passing of the great intellect, scholar and spiritual leader, Professor Dr. Mahmud Es’ad Cosan in Australia. Since 2006, with the help of volunteers, MEC Foundation has been arranging and continuing its Qurban organisation.

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MEC Foundation facilitates Zakat donation and becomes the link between the hand that gives and the hand that receives. Your Zakat is distributed to those in need. Your Sadaqa is evaluated in the most cost-effective way based on the beneficiaries needs. Your Fitrah is also delivered to those in need in the same manner.

MEC Lifestyle Project – was founded in 2014 and inspired by the life and personal practices described by the late Mahmud Es’ad Coşan Hocaefendi as the ideal lifestyle in today’s and tomorrow’s world. The goal of the MEC Lifestyle Project is to raise generations that live a morally clean life, shining like stars and emitting love and happiness from their souls, with the intent of removing the vices their soul’s desire, transcending the limits of their self, and therefore maximising the benefit towards their fellow kind.

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2.Distribution of Meals

3.Orphanage Programs

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16th International Qurban Organization 1442/2021 is starting to receive wakalah after Eid al-Fitr.