Zekat, Fitrah, Sadaqah Distributions

As part of our international aid initiatives, the MEC Foundation continues to deliver your 1442/2021 Zekat, Fitrah and Sadaqa contributions to their rightful owners in Indonesia firsthand via the Server Indonesia Foundation.

Yayasan Server, was established in Indonesia to deliver aid locally from funds provided by Muslims all over the world via its parent organisation – MEC Foundation. Yayasan Server identifies those in real need one by one and delivers them to their owners without using any intermediary suppliers.
This Ramadan, MEC Foundation continued to deliver zakat, charity and donations entrusted as part of the international aid activities for the year 1442/2021 to those in need via Server Indonesia.

Server Indonesia has delivered Zakat, Fitrah and Sadaqa aid to more than 60,000 families in many states and islands through the support of MEC Foundation Australia. Through your generous contributions, the aid received has supported many Muslim families in economic difficulties and has made them smile.

In this year’s zakat and charity initiatives, MEC Foundation and Server Indonesia continue to deliver your Zakat, Fitrah and Sadaqa contributions in the form of Food Aid packages and Cash to their beneficiaries on Lombok island and West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

How Are Zakat, Fitrah and Sadaqah distributions operated?

As of the beginning of the three holy months, the information of eligible families is determined by Yayasan Server in coordination with regional social affairs directorates and village headmen in Indonesia.
The funds are cross-checked against the list of the needy in a methodical manner and compared against coupons that have previously been distributed and are then delivered as Food packages or Cash.

With our Food Packages, the food products most needed by the people of the region are procured at below market rates through the use of bulk purchases. Food packages consisting of 7-10 different products per package are checked to ensure the delivery and receipts of said goods align with their rightful owners.

2021 / 1442H Food Package Contents
5 Kg Rice
1 Carton of Eggs
2 Lt Oil
1 Lt Concentrated Fruit Juice
1 Kg Sugar
1 Kg Flour
1 Box of Tea
1 Package of Coffee
1 Packet of Biscuits
1 Kg Dates