The 4th month phase of the Balanced Nutrition Program for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers was held in Indonesia with the cooperation of MEC Foundation and Server Yayasan.

MEC Foundation and Server Yayasan continued their zakat distribution activities, which they started in the West Lombok region of Indonesia, with the 4th month of the “Balanced Nutrition Program for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers”. Villages were revisited by Yayasan Server Indonesia cooperation accompanied by dieticians appointed by the Indonesian government. The program, the first of which started in October 2021, is planned to be carried out regularly every month and to last for 6 months.

In the scope of the 4th phase of the nutrition program 461 visits were made between 12-18 January 2021 in the Galengsar, Mambalan, Lembah Sari, Pusuk Lestari and Penimbug villages in the West Lombok region of Indonesia. The information about the importance of the nutrition for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and its regime along with the body development disorders related to nutrition deficiencies, the importance of breastfeeding and its merits in the light of our religion was given by the nutrition specialists. 

In the course of the program along with the advices on the nutrition given by the dieticians to the participants, the importance of the nutrition was emphasized in the accordance with the Holy Qur’an and hadith. The presentations about healthy methods of the consumptions of food distributed by Yayasan Server Indonesia were made. A healthy local beverage, the preparations of which were announced in the previous program, made with milk, ginger, bay leaf, lemongrass, mung beans and natural brown sugar was served. In addition to this, the food packages containing milk, honey, dates, red rice and cashew nuts and zakat were distributed to the participants.

#HakkİçinYapHakkıylaYap (Do it for God, do it right)