LOVE is the sweetest emotion (feeling)

Now we commemorate him
(remember him).
Now we commemorate him.
On the occasion of his 86th birth anniversary.

Now we commemorate him (remember him). From the four corners of the world. On the occasion of his 86th birth anniversary.

He was born in 1938 in the seafront Ahmetçe village of Çanakkale’s Ayvacık district. His father is Halil Necati Efendi and his mother is Şadiye Hanım.

He continued his education in Istanbul after his father moved there in 1942. He graduated from Istanbul Vefa High School, one of the most popular high schools in Turkey, in 1956. 

On the same date, he entered the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Istanbul University and received Diploma’s in Arabic Language and Literature, Persian Language and Literature, Medieval History and Turkish-Islamic Art in 1960, and graduated from the Faculty of Literature in 1960.

With his thesis on Hatipoğlu Muhammed and his works, one of the important poets of the fifteenth century, he received his doctoral thesis in 1965 and received the title of doctor of theology.

He attended Turkish and Humanitarian Studies courses in Ankara Yükseliş Engineering and Architecture Private Higher Education School between 1967-1968. After completing his military service as a reserve officer, in 1973,he received the title of associate professor at the age of 35 with his associate professorship thesis about Hacı Bektâş-ı Velî called Makàlât, and became a lecturer at Ankara University Faculty of Theology, Chair of Turkish-Islamic Literature.

1977-1980 He taught Turkish Language and Literature at Sakarya State Academy of Architecture and Engineering. He worked as a visiting professor at various universities abroad. He became a professor of theology in 1982 with his thesis titled “İbrâhim-i Müteferrika ve Risale-i İslamiyye”, which is a remarkable work in its field. He voluntarily retired from his teaching position in 1987 at the age of 49 in order to devote more time to social and cultural activities.

He was brought up in his father’s cultural environment. His father, Halil Necati Efendi, had rented a house in the Şehzadebaşı district of Istanbul in 1942. He met Serezli Hasib Efendi, one of the favorite personalities of the area, and started to participate in the lectures he gave at the Şehzadebaşı Damat İbrahim Paşa Mosque. After Hasib Efendi passed away in 1949, Halil Necati Efendi met Kazanlı Abdülaziz Efendi. Our teacher Es’ad Coşan was also growing up in this cultural environment. After Hasib Efendi’s death in 1953, he started to attend with his father the assembly of Mehmed Zahid Efendi, who continued the culture-discussion circle. In 1960, our teacher Es’ad Coşan both graduated from the university and married the venerable daughter of our teacher Mehmed Zahid Kotku in the same year.

He had the opportunity to get to know the socio-cultural texture of Turkey closely since his childhood, He continued this circle after the passing away of our teacher Mehmed Zahid Kotku in 1980 until his martyrdom.

Within the scope of his socio-cultural works he had foundations, associations, institutes, schools, colleges and hospitals established. He enabled magazines, TV and radio broadcasts to be brought to life.

As the Australian MEC Foundation we are striving to connect you with his teachings and non-discriminatory ideas. We celebrate the birthday of our teacher Mahmud Es’ad Coşan and we commemorate our dear friend with love.