MEC Foundation Distributes Qurban Meats to The Earthquake Victims in Indonesia

MEC Foundation brings happiness to needy people in neglected places under the 13th International Qurban Organization.

The shares of qurban animals sacrificed as part of the organization are distributed to thousands of people that lost their homes due to the recent tsunami in Indonesia. At first, qurban meats are distributed to 500 families in the Tanjung area.

As an opportunity to remind needy Muslims in remote areas of Indonesia that they are not forgotten, qurban donation travels in a carefully and systematically organized way from the moment of taking wakalah (appointing an agent to sacrifice qurban on behalf of yourself) to delivery.

The sacrificed qurbans with “worship precision[I1] ” are delivered as a gift to each needy person from his Muslim brother. The qurban meats of benefactors who gave wakalah are packed in hygienic circumstances in meat industries and delivered to Indonesia and directly handed to thousands of needy families.