Your Qurban Escrows are Being Delivered to the Beneficiaries for 12 Years.

The first delivery phase of 12th International Qurban Organization is carried out in Indonesia. The organization is promoted with “100 Thousand Smiles” call MEC Foundation in Australia on the occasion of Hijri 1438 (2017 in current era) Eid al Adha.
The carefully selected qurbani animals are sacrificed in halal certified slaughterhouses in Australia with particular attention of MEC Foundation attendants. The meats are packed and sent to cool storages in Indonesia to preserve them until the delivery time.
The qurbani meats that started their journey with the 100 Thousand Smiles call are handed to real needy people in the areas of “East Java,” “West Lombok” and “East Lambok” in Indonesia.
The delivery stage of qurban packs is done only for the hope of approval of Allah with the guidance of “Piety is the essence of Qurban”( Surah al Hajj 37) understanding.
We are sharing with you the abundance of blessings and smiles in the faces of families with your arriving gifts. (Those families are founded before the organization in Indonesia)
We thank to all contributor friends and wish to be together and unified in the 13th International Qurban Organization in Hijri 1439.